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Ranks Of The Training Program Empty Ranks Of The Training Program

Post by High-Inquisitor Pavan on Wed May 13, 2015 9:08 pm

Ranks Of The Training Program

In the training program, ranking plays an important role for the potential agents. The ranks in the program show how far the potential student is in his or her training.The program uses enlisted Imperial army ranks, however students start off as a recruit instead of a Private. Students must earn the rank of private by completing processing and going through their first training exercise. Though these ranks mean nothing in the real Imperial military since the students in the program aren't part of the Empire, students with higher ranks have more privileges than those below them. A student of the rank of Sergeant may command students lower than him/her in training exercises and will play a much larger role in the unit. Standard ranks, meaning the ranks dictating where the students are during their training, go from Recruit to Sergeant. Students that are the rank of Sergeant when graduation comes are allowed to move on, while those that did not are evaluated and will remain in the program until the end of the next cycle, or are discharged from the program. There are also special ranks in the program that are not required for graduation. These ranks range from Staff Sergeant to First Sergeant. These ranks are earned by students that show command potential and have gone beyond their studies and training.

Standard Ranks:

  1. Recruit
  2. Private
  3. Private First Class
  4. Corporal
  5. Sergeant

Special Ranks:

  1. Staff Sergeant
  2. Sergeant First Class
  3. Master Sergeant
  4. First Sergeant

Reminder: Just because you are a Sergeant in the training program, that does not mean you can command forces in the Imperial Military. Students caught attempting this will be disciplined and possibly discharged from the program. Students abusing their power over other students will also be disciplined.
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