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Post by High-Inquisitor Pavan on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:18 pm

Attention all Resh personal

Resh is now on high alert with increased patrols. All agents are required to ID themselves before entering in the Resh defense gird. All Imperial personal maintain an alert status when in the town of Savareen, and the surrounding areas due to suspected rebel activity. Attached is the operation report from Dec 13

Time: 1300 Imperial Standard Time
An unknown intruder was detected near the South East side of Imperial Compound Resh. Alarms were triggered, and the Intruders opened fire on Resh security while they were retreating. Listening devices were found around the Pavan Manor {Side note all agents with off base housing check your buildings for anything hidden on them}

Time: 2200 Imperial Standard Time
Unknown group of intruders targeted the Pavan Manor. Leaving a propaganda message on the side of the building.

{Attached: Picture of the Pavan Manor with Imperialism: 50% off spray painted on the side. }

At which point the armed group of intruders engaged Resh personal, civilians and troopers. These terrorists were repelled from the south side of town, and sustained injuries. One of the terrorists was injured and captured in the fire fight.

This is all we have at this time. If you have to go into town. Try to stay in groups of people you trust, or at least with one other from the Imperial military. Stay safe out there.
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