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Post by High-Inquisitor Pavan on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:08 pm

[This is a template example from starsider that I wish to use for our database I made some additions to it]

++ Data Upload ++

Imperial Records Management, Coruscant

The following Imperial record has been transmitted to you via Intelligence relay 5525-K-2325-R: WARNING: Misuse of this communication is a violation of Imperial Law, Directive 3073-833-N, Subsection 220, Paragraph 6, Article (a) through (e) of Regulation 442, and subject to immediate imprisonment.


THEWIX, ATHMIS  <If this name is different from your IG name, please put your IG name following your ID name in Brackets ['example'].

Identification No.: 4508 <Leave Blank, this is your simplified ID number, it will be set by a moderator>

COMNET: No Alerts. <Is there a warrant out for their arrest?>

Visitors Passport No: N/A <If the character is not an Imperial Citizen, they would need a Visa>

Personal Weapon Permit: C3 <C1 - Pistols, C2 - Pistols and Carbines, C3 - Pistols, Carbines, and Rifles C4 - All plus Heavy Weapons>

Vehicle Powered Flight Permit: 111384D/CARID  <Drivers license number, if any>

BoSS File: N/A <Link to any BoSS postings of ships your character owns>

Pilot License No: N/A

Home of Records (HOR): Fort Kane, Talus

Imperial Security Authorization: 6 <Cypher level issued, if any>

Government/Military Affiliation: IJOC <Imperial, Law Enforcement, Or Hunter affiliation>

Government/Diplomatic Authentication: Y

Law Enforcement Authentication: N

Bounty Hunter Authentication: N

Slaver License/Authentication: NONE

Identification No.: TT 4508 3445 <Leave Blank, this is your full ID number, it will be set by a moderator>


Species: HUM

Age: 49


Ht: 6ft 1in

Wt: 195 Lbs

Markings: NONE


Planet or System of Birth: Imperial Center

Home System Com#: <Attached>

BioSignature: <Attached>

DNA Scan: <Attached>

Retina Scan: <Attached>


Immediate Family:

Father: UKN

Mother: UKN

Sibling(s): UKN

Legal Guardian: N/A

Children: Keela-Ri Roben



Position: Colonel

Employer: Imperial Security Bureau

Location: Fort Kane, Talus


Imperial Intelligence Dossier [ II-3362-1149 ]


II File# 0301 1000 6845 0605

ISB File# 0401-2463

IOCI Case# N/A

MEPD Case# N/A

RSF Case# N/A



No Entries. <List any active bounty threads>


No Entries <List any closed bounty threads, or previous crimes committed>


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