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Post by High-Inquisitor Pavan on Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:59 pm

What are cyphers and their levels?

Cyphers are small cards that allow Imperial personnel access to sure areas and computer systems. There are 10 levels, cyphers of a certain level can also open any lower level system or door. Imperial facilities are encouraged to note their cypher level requirement in the structure name.

8-10 = Beyond player character reach, belonging to the Inner Circle, Darth Vader, The Emperor, etc.

7 = Highest Attainable Player Cypher.  Top tier Government, Intelligence and Military Command personal ( Generals, Moffs, etc )

6= Highest level Civil Government Agency; Command level ISB, Command level Stormtroopers, Army, Navy, etc  ( Generally O-6 grade+ )

5= Full ISB and Intelligence Field Agents, Company Level Command Officers within the Military ( Typically O-2 through O-5 grades )

4= IOCI Investigators, Intelligence/ISB Clerks or Agent Cadets, NCO Stormtroopers, Mid level Government Agents such as Court Officials,Mayors, high level Planetary Police commanders or chiefs.

3 =Highest Non-Imperial Agent class attainable ; Planetary Police, System Law Enforcement agencies such as CorSec, Fed-Dub, etc;

2= Standard Imperial Military level, all Stormtroopers of E-1 grades and up; Government clerks, Court officials, Local City Police, Local City Militia, Most Imperial Bureaucrats within civil agencies ( Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, etc )

1= Standard security clearance for Imperial banking officials, Imperial Army and Navy troops, Legal Advocates, Low level bureaucrats ( Customs clerks, Tax and Finance Clerks, Communications operators, etc ).
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