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ID File: Prudii, 'Nosolee #1587 Empty ID File: Prudii, 'Nosolee #1587

Post by High-Inquisitor Pavan on Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:46 pm

++ Data Upload ++

Imperial Records Management, Coruscant

The following Imperial record has been transmitted to you via Intelligence relay 5525-K-2325-R: WARNING: Misuse of this communication is a violation of Imperial Law, Directive 3073-833-N, Subsection 220, Paragraph 6, Article (a) through (e) of Regulation 442, and subject to immediate imprisonment.



Identification No.:1587

COMNET: No Alerts

Visitors Passport No: N/A

Personal Weapon Permit:  C4 <Note:<Authorized to use heavy weapons>

Vehicle Powered Flight Permit: 117395K/CARID

BoSS File:
- 9554-2746: YV-560 "The Impenetrable"

Pilot License No: N889109767112

Home of Records (HOR): Sector PLEXUS

Imperial Security Authorization: 2

Government/Military Affiliation: N/A

Government/Diplomatic Authentication: N

Law Enforcement Authentication: Y

Bounty Hunter Authentication: Y

Slaver License/Authentication: N

Identification No.: PA 1587 6958 2354


Species: Human/Zabrak

Age: 40 Galactic Standard

Sex: Male

Ht: 6ft 8in

Wt: 292 Lbs

Markings: Various torso scars and facial scars. Most notable being a vertical scar over the left eye, symmetrical scars on either side of the neck and the jaw, and a massive scar covering most of the spine. Mando'a lettering wrapping around both forearms, a rusty red lava flea head on the right shoulder, a faded green katarn skull with Mando'a lettering underneath it on the left pectoral, and a dewback in stylized Mandalorian armor on the back.

<Please attach the following>

Planet or System of Birth: Kashyyyk

Home System Com#: <Attached>

BioSignature: <Attached>

DNA Scan: <Attached>

Retina Scan: <Attached: Cybernetics Serial Number>


Immediate Family:

Ex-Wife: Taylah Marinna Prudii

Father: Tal'len Prudii

Mother: Gra'tua Ordo

Sibling: Iatef

Legal Guardian: N/A

Children: Tahlia Prudii, Thara Prudii, Nal'len Prudii


EMPLOYMENT: Space Station Security

Position: Chief-Security Officer

Employer: Port Jato

Location: Port Jato


Imperial Intelligence Dossier [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]


II File# [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  

ISB File# [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  

IOCI Case# [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  

MEPD Case# [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  

RSF Case# [ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  



[ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]


[ Classified Cypher Level 7 ]  



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